Freelance Software Engineer Versus A Software Team

With the arrival of the new year, many businesses are now outlining their goals for 2022. For some businesses, this centers around one serious need – custom software. With technology and software constantly evolving, businesses know that they need to stay on top of the latest trends to remain competitive for their internal operations and their client’s satisfaction.

As you look at your 2022 technology goals, how are you planning to achieve them? Is the freelance software engineer route the best strategy? Is hiring a full software team best for your company? Who should you hire to get the best return on investment? 

These are all common questions, and these are all questions to consider as you determine what is best for your brand for 2022.

Below we take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of hiring a freelance software engineer versus a full software team so you can make the most educated decision for your business.

Hiring a Freelance Software Engineer

The freelance route is an appealing one for business owners who historically have had no luck in managing multiple software developers. But just like with anything, only having to manage one freelancer comes with its pros and cons.

One obvious benefit is that one person is easier to manage than multiple staff members, and only having one freelancer allows you to have more visibility with your projects. Additionally, with freelancing, you don’t have any of the HR hassles you would have if they were a full staff member. If one freelancer doesn’t work out, you can easily hire another freelancer with a different skillset.

Some of the pros with freelancing also become cons, however. With freelancing, you only have a single person’s professional experience instead of having a team of people each with different skills. This one person will not have the same output as an entire team and your development may be slowed. Without a team, your freelancer is unable to bounce ideas off others to generate new and diverse ideas or work through a problem. And while hiring a freelancer may seem like a light lift for you, as a business owner, you’ll still have to be involved in managing all the requirements, and project management, which can be a time-consuming process.

Hiring A Software Team

Often if a business owner doesn’t hire an entire software team, it’s because they don’t want the added responsibility of having to manage an entire team. What they aren’t aware of though, is that there are tools that can help manage this process, so it doesn’t fall all on one person. But just like with hiring a freelancer, hiring an entire team also has its pros and cons.

Having a diverse team of developers offers a wide array of benefits. With an entire software team, you can tackle the complex software projects that are part of your 2022 plans. That’s because you have a team of experts in various areas of product development like design, QA, development, management, and strategy. 

With a team, you can also delegate work based on skill set, and having a team of developers, QA engineers (Quality Assurance), a product manager, and a project manager not only speeds up the completion of your projects, but your quality of work will also be much higher. Essentially, when you have an entire software team in place, you’re allowing for each employee’s skill set to be complimentary of their peers, which will produce the best work for your business.

If you do decide to hire a software team, you’ll need to put a management structure in place, which can sometimes be a con. While this can be a time-consuming process, it can be worth it. When you take the time to determine who will assign projects, who will check if the work is accurate, and how the work will be tested, you are taking the step to ensure that your output can double and not stall.  

Wrapping Up

For many businesses, Red Hook Interactive’s structure is the ideal format for their product launch by providing a fully vetted team of expert designers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and a management team to help keep your project on track. 

With us, we’ll take the time to understand your vision, help define and design your product, and then build it through our fully transparent app and software development process. On top of that, the whole process is managed through one point of contact, a Red Hook Interactive product manager. 

Start the new year with us at Red Hook Interactive. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can make your development dreams come true.